Model: 24455
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24455 Transformer - 2000W Step Up/Down 110/120V 220/240V

This transformer is used to convert voltages between 220/240V and 110/120V U.S. and European standards. It will allow you to use a 110/120V appliance in a 220/240V country, or a 220/240V appliance in a 110/120V country. It has a european wall plug and comes with a US plug adapter. It has 2 output ports on the front that support both U.S. plugs and European Plugs. You select between voltages by inserting the voltage selector plug into the back of the unit into the port labeled for the voltage currently available. It is equiped with a safety fuse to prevent damage. 2 Extra fuses are included. This transformer supports 2000W of power.

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