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41245 Padded Shoulder Strap for Bags, ABU

  • Great adjustable Shoulder Strap for the Enhanced A-3 Bag (41240), or one of the Equipment Bags: (41563) or (41570)
  • Made of water repellent, puncture & tear resistant, Heavy Duty 1000 Denier nylon which has been IR treated with No-Slip fabric on the underside of the Shoulder Pad
  • 2" Webbing
  • Attaches to bags with 2" Metal Snap Hooks
What makes our gear special is the care we take in the materials we use to put it all together.
1. 100% Made in the USA
2. Berry Compliant. The Berry Amendment goes beyond being "Made in the USA", it means every component was made and produced in the USA along with the labor to cut and sew the end item.
3. IR treated components such as Plastic Hardware, Webbing, Elastic, Fabric, Cord, etc. If a component can be seen through the enemy's night vision goggles, we have made sure an IR treated component was used or we tell you otherwise.

What is NOT IR treated:
This item has 2 metal snaphooks that are not IR treated.

Available in:
ABU Part # 41245 or ACU Part #56245

Please note: The ABU Camo pattern is controlled by the US Air Force, thus the ABU item can only be shipped directly to official US Military addresses. The ACU version of this item can ship to any address.

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GSA Contract: GS-07F-0147N

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