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23223 Blasting Cap Crimper

This Dual Cap Crimper is a high quality non-magnetic, non-sparking tool that offers a dual crimp in one stroke. Manufactured from high strength aircraft aluminum, the crimper has a hard anodized finish. Its strong, smooth surface has durable edges for continuous crimping. The Dual Cap Crimper has a powder punch and fuse cutter for clean precise cuts of detonation cords.

This Dual Cap Crimper is the only dual cap crimper approved and used by both the United States and Canadian militaries. With its perfect record to date, the Dual Cap Crimper surpasses all expectations for quality and reliability, and comes with a lifetime warranty, attesting to its strength and excellence in craftsmanship.

Specifications Materials: Hi-Strength Aircraft Quality Aluminum
Finish: Hard Anodized to RC 50
Length: 6.8 in. (173mm)
Width: 1.8 in. (46mm)
Thickness: 0.35 in. (8.9mm)
Weight: 3 oz. (0.09 kg)
Powder Punch Diameter: 1/4 in. (6.5mm)
Powder Punch Length: 2.2 in. (56mm)

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