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23367 BLSS Helmet Padding Kit (Tan)

The patented BLSS Kit is stable, pain-free, safer, waterproof, self-wicking, positively buoyant, air permeable, reduces sound reverberation and is installed without any helmet shell modifications. The Kit includes a four-point chin strap/harness with an integrated nape pad and seven highly engineered pads that replace the PASGT helmet liner.
  • Standard 1/2"-thick oval and trapezoid pads
  • Pads can be re-arranged to accommodate equipment such as gas masks
  • U.S. troops confirm that this BLSS Kit is a dramatic improvement for the military PASGT helmet
  • Painless, safer, stable, waterproof, air permeable, and reduces sound reverberation
  • Self-wicking fabric draws heat and perspiration away from the scalp
  • Positively buoyant, the helmet is safer in amphibious and water-fording situations
  • Pads are cleaned by hand washing with mild soap
  • Installed without helmet modifications
  • Test data show that with the BLSS™ Kit reduces helmet shock transmission dramatically
  • Top impact was reduced from 220G's to 73G's and 77G's and side impact from 161G's to 74G's and 87G's
  • Pain free and stable, even with externally mounted equipment
  • Helmet remains stable, even when the user is in a prone shooting position
  • Visco-elastic, temperature- and pressure-sensitive padding system removes all pressure points
  • Also available in Black(23515) and OD Green(23511).

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